Full Day Explorers' TimberNook Program

Starting FALL 2020


Preschool and KinderCare Outdoor

Enrichment Program



Program Overview:
Monday and Wednesday - 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - 9:00 am to 3:00 pm  

and Cardinal Leger School for winter


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4 to 8 years old

(Must be 4 by

November 30, 2020) 


8 children to 1 adult


Monday and Wednesday


Monday, Wednesday

& Friday


Shelley Bettker: Bachelor of Education and TimberNook certified


9:00 am to 3:00 pm

100% Outdoors

Outside in Nature Learning!


2 days $275/month

3 days $ 325/month


Fall and Spring Location outside of city.

Winter Location at Cardinal Leger School

Fire Wood

The Story Behind the NEW Program


Teaching is who I am! It is my calling! It fulfills me everyday! I have felt like there is more that I NEEDED to be doing. I have felt the need to get children outside in nature on the prairie.  At Explorers, we have always valued outdoor learning. We have found creative ways to use the space we have at Cardinal Ledger. Last year, I went for TimberNook training and became a TimberNook provider and Explorers became Saskatchewan’s only certified TimberNook school. The rich TimberNook curriculum brought us into the woods at school in a deeper and more meaningful way. During fall and into winter I watched the children grow and change. The little girl that cried at drop off and hated outdoors now was smiling and joyful as she made NEW discoveries outside.
When the world STOPPED, due to COVID, my calling, my cup filler stopped too. I lost the daily connection with the children. I had to pause and grieve. It was during that pause that I heard this calling even louder… it was my job to get kids outside. I know all the benefits of learning through meaningful outdoor play and I have to let others know and reach more children. It was out of the silence of an empty classroom that I found my way back into the woods. Here in the woods is everything I need to help teach children, to help inspire their imagination, and give them the time and space to discover the magic all around them. The WOODS is where Explorers needs to go..

When is EACH location used?

September to mid November program will be run from the TimberNook Saskatoon location.


During the colder months, December, January, and February, we will run out of Cardinal Leger School.


We would return to the TimberNook Saskatoon location for March, April and May.

What will a full day at Explorers TimberNook look like at the TimberNook Saskatoon location?

Parents will drive children 15 min east of Saskatoon to the TimberNook Saskatoon location.
9:00 Children can arrive any time after 9 am
9:30 Morning meeting where topic of the day is highlighted along with a story and activity.
10:00 to 12:00 Children will then have an opportunity for deep meaningful play and learning.
12:00 to 12:30 We will then have lunch as a group.
12:30 to 1:00 Reflection time- quiet time to read book under a tree or draw in journals.
1:00 to 2:30 Afternoon meeting with a new learning invitation set out for the children to discover.
3:00 Dismissal and parent pick up.

What will a full day at Explorers TimberNook look like at the Cardinal Leger location?
It will be very similar to above but there will be more time inside. We will try and get outside twice a day, weather permitting.


Our aim is to be outside for the full day, our goal is 100% outdoors, but I am AWARE that we live in Saskatchewan so I am flexible and reasonable. In saying that I do believe “there is no such thing as bad weather only poor clothing selections” so children will need to come dressed for the weather. We will go inside to warm up, dry off and gather as the children need to.  Being outside in all kinds of weather builds resiliency and grit but I know we live in Saskatchewan so during the cold months more time will be spent inside with shorter times outside. The Cardinal Leger classroom and the TimberNook Shelter will allow them to connect with nature inside during those cold days.


Explorers TimberNook will STAY INSIDE for:

  • Temperature is colder than -25

  • Winds speed higher than 35 kph

  • Electrical storm

  • Heavy rain

Explorers follows safety procedures to ensure a successful outdoor experience: Risk assessment/Safety and Health procedures/Emergency procedures
ALL EXPLORERS programs are canceled when the buses are not running or at -45.

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Children Playing in Snow

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