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Before & After School Care

At Before and After School (BAS) care is taken to plan programming that is fun and engaging. Morning care provides children time to play, explore, and socialize within the room. After school, the activities change daily and are planned to keep the children busy and safe.  Our main meeting location is the mini gym, located directly across from the main school entrance. We also have access to the big gym and outdoor playground.


Types of Activities at BAS:

      Arts and crafts

      Science activities

      Large group games

      Themed parties with each holiday

      We are outside as much as possible in all weather!


Morning care opens at 7:30 am and after-school care closes at 6:00 pm


 Care for 2024-25:

       Before and After School Care $ 270/month

       Only After School Care $ 220/month

       Only Before School Care $ 160/month

       Kindergarten Care Before & After School on KG days $ 155/month

       Prepaid Casual Card $ 160 for 10 sessions or $ 320 for 20 sessions


The BAS program provides children with the opportunity to develop and grow by creating an environment that is welcoming and comfortable. Please note preschoolers can not attend the BAS program.

Registration Now Open for the school year 2024 to 2025

Registration Process

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